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Vitality is the UAE's first and only female-focused Business Accelerator. Since 2017, we have been passionately focused on building successful businesses, led by successful women.

We take our clients on a journey, working closely with them for the long term, to achieve their business goals, irrespective of their starting point. We believe that our clients’ needs require more than “one-size-fits-all business advice, or quick-fix guidance.”

We understand that just as all businesses are different, so are the women driving those businesses forward. That’s why we take a holistic view for our valued clients, offering women market-leading services and female-centric benefits, designed to deliver results.

Our goal is simple, to champion female leadership, by helping every single woman achieve their fullest potential and maximum their business success.

About us
About us

What We Do

We are actively involved in and constantly monitor the local and global business and commercial
marketplace to ensure our services remain seamlessly aligned and relevant to evolving business needs.

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