About Us

Our goal is simple, to help female-led businesses achieve
their fullest potential and maximum long-term success.

Vitality is the UAE's first and only female-focused Business Accelerator. Created for women, by women, we are passionate about your business. We truly believe that happy, healthy, successful businesses are run by happy, healthy successful women.

We understand that women do business differently and that’s why our key focus is on supporting female-led businesses. Our goal is simple, we want every one of our clients to achieve their fullest potential and maximise business success.

Whether you are a start-up looking to hit the ground running, an established enterprise needing to scale up, a foreign company looking to establish operations in the UAE, or a company whose shareholders are looking to sell, Vitality creates tailor-made programmes individually designed for each business, with a focus on achievable and measurable results.

Vitality's entrepreneurs enjoy a working space that inspires, offers quality, proactive networking, mentorship, and training for personal development. Our results speak for themselves and we are proud to be the first female-focused business accelerator in the Middle East, which helps our clients achieve success in life and in business, as part of our growing tribe of female leaders.  

About us

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Leadership Team

Amanda Perry

Amanda Perry


Amanda has over 20 years experience building companies and inspiring entrepreneurs. Amanda’s background of Wealth building and Management gained from the major offshore centres around the world has equipped her to understand many industries of businesses and the markets they aim to penetrate. Amanda’s passion in helping female entrepreneurs achieve is renowned and award winning. She believes their is always a business to be made with enthusiasm, determination and a specific solution and that combined with a very personable approach to her consulting work with her clients ensures her clients achieve great success.
Carmen Mateos

Carmen Mateos

Executive Director

Carmen Mateos is at the forefront of entrepreneur development in Dubai. Her business instinct and clarity of vision as well as her essential experience in the world of corporate inception are instrumental in her role in Vitality. Carmen’s experience of working with clients lends itself to turning their ambitions into reality and to realise the full potential of their ideas. She is responsible for overseeing the business development methodology and mentorship programmes of Vitality.