Dear 2021 - Rosieanna

Dear 2021,

As we approached the end of what has been your… eventful predecessor, I reflected on what I hoped to see more of from you and this article is definitely part of it. An ‘onslaught of renewable energy has ‘wiped out’ $1.2 billion in investment in a coal-powered fire station in Australia. 

I’m aware that this is something that is made possible by localised

conditions but I’m hoping this serves as a nail in the coffin of the idea that renewable energy can NEVER be as profitable as their future-jeopardising alternatives. While this latter statement may be true in some cases, a lot of its proponents seem to be casually avoiding a very important qualifier: the true cost of fossil fuels. I’m hoping that you will come with good tidings after what has been a period that led, no, forced us to reflect on how interconnected the world today is and that just like COVID-19 when it comes to climate change- any one country’s misfortune is everyone’s loss. 

You have continued in the trend of your predecessor in bringing companies big and small, around the world on their knees. As the governments around the world have kept these companies alive, there has been some focus on doing things more sustainably. While there have been investments in renewable energy sources, outdated subsidies simultaneously continued to get funding. These measures may have once held relevance but much like the fossils that created the fuel itself, they are now a relic of a bygone era. I’m hoping that you are the year when people realise that calling fossil fuels ‘cheaper’ means very little if it is because it’s subsidised by billions of dollars. Let us invest where it counts: in preserving the natural treasures we have and ensuring a cleaner, greener future. 

The new US administration has welcomed you with a slogan that is as timely as it is encouraging: Build Back Better. The slogan predates this presidential race- with a similar variant being used in the Sendai Framework for disaster relief

The frame of disaster mitigation should apply to decisions made about which industries receive government subsidies and private investment. In the wake of the disaster your predecessor 2020 has been, we need to build back better, so your descendants are greener and future-proofed. I hope those who see the sense in disaster-proofing a hospital in an earthquake-prone area will then see it is illogical to not believe in diverting investment away from massive polluters, as they are both vying for the same end – reducing the loss of life and suffering. 

More specifically, I hope to see more countries following the suite of the UAE in embracing the potential of Nuclear power with massive investments in that field and that those who write off Nuclear energy because of safety concerns will hopefully see it is illogical to instead be ok with fossil fuels which have been much, much more dangerous to produce and cause more pollution-related deaths. 

Dear 2021, you are the year we get to fix our mistakes, I hope we make you count.



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