Giving Yourself a Performance Review

While our clients hail from all around the world and all walks of life, I’m often surprised to find that a unifying factor is that they often do not recognise their own strengths and achievements. At Vitality, we typically start an acceleration workshop or a monitor review session with a news and updates session. More often than not the true scale of achievements is never restricted to what the startup founder tells us then but comes out as we’re going through their business pipeline, their social media strategy etc., Which is why we recommend that it’s so important to give yourself a thorough performance review which puts you in the right headspace and corrects for something a lot of women face, especially during tough times like this: undervaluing your achievements. 


Looking at how the reviews were done in your previous workplaces might be a good place to start. This would mean finding objective data that measures your startup’s performance through key indicators like sales conducted or data about how likely it is that your social media post will generate engagement. A good tool, in this case, would be a business plan or any other forecasts you have that could be used to gauge your current performance against what you expected. 


As a part of this, it is important to recognise when a goal is not feasible or when to aim higher! Don’t have a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality when it comes to any part of your business be it your pricing plan or your business development strategy, both of which should be revised looking at your performance over the last year/quarter. 


The most important indicator for any startup’s success is how happy their clients are! We always work with our clients to implement proper systems for feedback because we realise it’s one of the most powerful tools at their disposal. This holds true for any entrepreneur as client testimonials can serve as a free but extremely valuable tool to improve your service. Our ethos is to put our clients at the centre of our services and we can recommend doing the same to every entrepreneur out there!


As impossible as it sounds, step away from your business and try to see it as an independent observer. Find the right balance between understanding the potential for growth such that you are not underselling yourself and overestimating how good things will be with no changes in your current strategy. Perhaps a friend or relative could help as this is not something that comes to most of us naturally. Nonetheless, finding objectivity when it comes to your business which you cultivated with dedication and hope or even finding the right mindset to evaluate the business plan of someone who is very important to you might just prove impossible. With the help of our expert consultants and their wealth of experience, you won’t have to struggle with this. Contact us today to see how Vitality can help you.

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