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March, 2021

Investors take note: MENA Women are making their mark

Women have been pushing barriers in the investment ecosystem and it’s high time investors acknowledge that.


Jan, 2021

BLOG: The Changing Face of Venture Capital

The last couple of decades have seen a marked increase in the concern for ensuring diversity. Check out this blog to understand what that entails in the venture capital world.


Jan, 2021

BLOG: Female Entrepreneurship - How we do business differently

The female brain is inherently different from that of the male. It’s true that while we are equal, we are different in our biological makeup. This can lead us to assess challenges and approach solutions differently, which applies also in a professional sphere.


Jan, 2021

BLOG: How to speak the language of investors

We know first hand how finding investment can become a demoralising process. Check out our latest blog to hear what our investor relations team has to say about it.


Jan, 2021

BLOG: Female Entrepreneurship in the UAE

Throughout history, women have had to build their rules and achieve success on their own terms. Often we were made to fall by the wayside, hidden behind the achievements of men, encouraged to play down our strengths rather than build on them. We live in a world now, where the role of women in society has been rapidly transforming.

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Jan, 2021