6 ways to support other businesswomen

1. Start partnerships

Building partnerships with relevant companies can help you seize new opportunities. When you support fellow women business owners, you can create strategic partnerships that benefit both of your businesses. To do this, join networking organizations that bring together women entrepreneurs, look at your client and supplier base and see if any of those businesses are female-led. In addition to the usual benefits that most support networks offer, you could find yourself in partnership with other talented women entrepreneurs!

2. Hire employees

Through networking opportunities with other women entrepreneurs, you could make valuable connections. For example, you might meet future employees. Other women entrepreneurs may have recruitment suggestions that may help you fill vacancies.

Giving other women job opportunities is important. You can probably think of at least a few women who helped you start your entrepreneurial career. Pay it forward (and break the glass ceiling) by employing bright women to work in your small business.

With the change in work environments in recent weeks, there is now a much larger pool of talent looking for flexible at home working arrangements so now is also an excellent time to hire if you are ready.

3. Train mentors

Having a mentor can be essential for business owners. They can help you strategize, give you an impartial perspective as well give you the benefit of their experience, and be a sounding board for other important decisions. In fact, many entrepreneurs have their mentors to thank for their business success. For this reason, networking with other female business owners can lead to mentoring opportunities.

In addition to finding your own mentor, you may be able to mentor a budding entrepreneur. As we mentioned in our previous point, it can be rewarding to help other business women succeed. If you know people who are starting a business, reach out to them and see how you can be a resource for them. Whether it's discussing their business idea or helping them market their new business on social media, you'll be proud to know that you're investing in the future of another businesswoman.

4. Receive valuable feedback

When running a business, it's important to bounce ideas with other knowledgeable professionals. Sometimes receiving an outside perspective can help you refine your business practices. For example, you could ask a female business owner you trust to review your business plans, give feedback on a marketing campaign, test your products or services, or give you advice on other important aspects of your business. By receiving this information, you could really improve your business with improvements to your customer service, your offering, the effectiveness of your marketing and general feedback from a consumer's perspective also, all with the help of other women entrepreneurs who may also be looking for the same. Let’s also remember that we make great cheerleaders for one another.

5. Get recommendations

Have you ever had trouble choosing an Internet provider, a financial advisor or a supplier related to your sector? Well, why not turn to knowledgeable women business owners who can give you suggestions? You and your network of esteemed peers can give each other recommendations for these types of decisions, thereby reducing the amount of research you will have to do and thus saving you valuable time. A trusted recommendation is a far better way to select your suppliers both in the short and long term. When women entrepreneurs support each other, they can receive useful suggestions that they might not have been able to find otherwise.

6. Make friends for life

In addition to the commercial advantages, collaboration with other women entrepreneurs can lead to great friendships. You probably have a lot in common with other women business owners and can bond with them above your entrepreneurial spirit.

Conclusion: it pays to help other businesswomen!

When women entrepreneurs empower each other, incredible things can happen. From professional relationships to lasting friendships, women entrepreneurs who support each other will succeed.