Is Vitality a real accelerator?

We define ourselves as “the first female-only accelerator in the UAE”, but are we an actual accelerator?

We're female-focused because we truly understand what makes women in business tick

When we look at the common characteristic of an #accelerator, we can identify the below key points, and how #Vitality differs in our approach.

  • Classes In a typical accelerator, ventures attend classes together where they learn and discuss topics related to their entrepreneurship journey. At Vitality, we don’t do that. We have one-on-one workshops that span over eight weeks. All of our clients are different. Their businesses are different, their industries are different, the stage of their business is different, and, most importantly, their needs are different. We can not put them together (we also do this for confidentiality reasons, so your million-dollar idea is save with us), but when we keep to individual workshops, we can really focus on their unique business.

  • Start Almost all accelerator programs have a start day, so all the entrepreneurs start their program at the same time. In our case, our clients start when they want - any week of the year based on our availability and their readiness to accelerate their business.

  • End Where accelerators usually end with an event, whether it be a demo day or pitch competition, Vitality clients finish with an action plan. Once we finish the 8-week acceleration program, we finish with an action plan and we continue with monitor and review for a further three months. During the monitor and review phase, we meet with our clients on alternative weeks to ensure that whatever we established in the execution plan is being completed, that it is working and that we continue adapting to the new challenges and circumstances.

  • Equity Usually, the accelerators take equity from the startups that are on board in their program. At Vitality, we charge a fee, because we don’t want our entrepreneurs to lose any control of their business.

So, why call ourselves Accelerator if we don’t share the most common characteristics?

Perhaps we don’t share the same “logistic” part of how an accelerator operates, but we share the core: .

  1. We have a program for a fixed period of time Our acceleration program takes eight weeks and three months of monitor and review. But that doesn’t mean our clients are abandoned after five months. Once you’ve completed your acceleration program, you are inducted into our Vitality Tribe.

  2. It is a very intense process The process of scaling can be very intense. Together with our clients, we try to accelerate their business as much as possible. They get weekly "homework" - a mini action plan that they need to start working on during the acceleration program. This process might be overwhelming and require a lot of commitment, but the Vitality team is always ready to support them.

  3. Vitality and our clients are growth driven and result driven We create a custom-made program for each one of our clients to ensure that we achieve the results and goals that we set at the beginning of the program. Because we have weekly one-on-one workshops, we are continually evaluating that we are still on the right track and can easily incorporate the latest trends and tools to suit our client’s business needs.

  4. We develop an ecosystem of support We encourage our clients to collaborate amongst them. Part of this is also hosting events and masterclasses that allow them to share experiences, share networks and grow within our community.

No two accelerator the same, but at Vitality, we didn’t try to be like any that came before us. We took what we consider the best parts of each to offer a complete and unique solution that adapts to the needs of our clients.

Carmen Mateos

Managing Director | Vitality