Ellevate your resilience & grit

Our Communications Executive joined Ellevate's annual forum.

Here are her key takeaways.

Ellevate is the leading network for professional women.

Ellevate is known for being a community of professional women committed to helping each other succeed. On June 20th, I was able to witness and experience this firsthand at their Ellevate Resilience Annual Forum held at Jumeirah Hotel Emirates Towers.

The Godolphin Ballroom was filled with women eager for two things – to grow their network and learn. But, I’m sure we all walked out of those doors with more than what we intended to get. Rana Nawas, Ellevate Dubai’s former chapter president and founder of Women On Women Podcast, left a powerful message after she shared her life’s challenges and successes. DITCH PERFECTION! We take failure too personally and rarely see that our comeback is more powerful than our setbacks. We often dwell so much on our failures that we forget there is more to our companies, teams and lives than they do and it is what builds up our resilience.


We take failure too personally and rarely see that our comeback is more powerful than our setbacks.

During the first panel discussion, Dr Lina Almerastani stated that neuroscience proves that women can extend our chromosomes and life through “coffee mornings”. The way we choose our social lives to be has a direct on our mental health and ability to cope with the storms we are faced with in life and in our respective industries. We have to wisely choose our battles and TRIBE.

One of the highlights of the talks was how women with four close and trusted people in life are the most secured due to the energy and impact these people bring to their environment. You have to look wider, beyond your family members. They could be your friends, colleagues or someone you see every Sunday in the same Pilates classes.

Caroline Miller shared three doors we need to walk through to become resilient and gritty:

Door #1: You will need to flourish

Life is not always about being ahead and succeeding. You have to add value to the world, get out of your comfort zone and achieve hard goals!

Door #2: You will need to be in the RIGHT girl band

The Sunflower Effect – sunflowers are meant to turn towards the sun because it is healthy for them. Lest’s choose to turn to the “suns” in our lives for us to grow and flourish where we’re planted. (Look up the story of how Shalane Flanagan trained with her competitors and the culture of having a MOAI)

Door #3: You will need to get grittier

Sorry to break this to you but, success and talent is not grit. Having a goal that’s big, that’s yours – now that’s grit. To have what the Japanese call “Ikigai” - a purpose or reason to jump out of bed in the morning. Learn how to share your failures so you can share hope with others who might be experiencing what you are going through too.

My takeaway

It’s okay for women to have competition. A healthy competition balanced with collaboration creates in us a better support system. Share your struggles and make sure you have a small circle of trusted, reliable and positive people who will help you prepare for your setback. Resilience is not built independently - it is greatly influenced by the people we are surrounded by and our environment.


On that note, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Vitality's client and Tribe Community Ambassador, Maya Itani on being appointed Ellevate Dubai's new chapter co-lead. Maya is the Founder and CEO of Itani & Co., a Dubai-based strategic brand and marketing consultancy.

Sharina Manaog

Communications Executive | Vital & Vitality