GREAT ADVICE FROM GREAT ROLE MODELS: Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs

Women are working alongside men across most industries nowadays and whilst there is still some way to go to close the gender gap, it is a vast improvement on 40, 30, 20 or even 10 years ago when women were almost unrepresented in many industries. This positive change can in large part be attributed to female game-changers, role models, women who have paved the way to show the younger generation that it is possible. In this article, we look at some of those game-changers to give us all a bit of inspiration.

AlexAnndra Ontra

AlexAnndra Ontra is the Co-Founder and President of Shufflrr and co-author of Presentation Management: The New Strategy for Enterprise Content.

She shares her advice for other women entrepreneurs:

"There are a lot of like-minded women building businesses and groups focused on women entrepreneurs. Some are locally based, industry-based, even nationally based. Participate in those groups and create your network of other women entrepreneurs. Whether it's referring to a new client, an investor, or just someone to vent about the challenges of running a business, no one can empathize with your situation better than another female entrepreneur."

AlexAnndra Ontra always stressed the power pack energy of the women and we absolutely agree and that is how our Vitality Tribe developed.

Indeed, behind Vitality this is the key concept, we believe that a woman has power alone but together; we have an influence. Therefore, this is the time to set the new standards by empowering each other.

Katia Pryce

Katia Pryce is a former professional dancer and is now an entrepreneur. She's the one who established DanceBody on the framework of dance-inspired workouts and is now running three studios of DanceBody in different locations.

She shares her thoughts with us:

“A lot of women out there deal with feeling symptoms of 'impostor syndrome.' It holds so many people back, the second-guessing, and the fear. If you know what you're doing is worthy, absolutely no one can stop you, not even yourself.”

This quote by Katia Pryce highlights a common issue that many women face in their professional lives.

Therefore, to overcome this, we need to silence your inner naysayer and wake up the champion in us and find the strength and power from inside to dream and achieve! Find other champions around you who can also lift you up when those doubts creep in.

Samantha Skelly

Samantha Skelly is an entrepreneur, public speaker, writer, and emotional health consultant. She’s the founder and CEO of Hungry for Happiness.

Samantha shares some brilliant advice with us;

“The key ingredient to building a seven-figure business in less than12 months was to truly care more about our client’s transformation than our bottom line. As long as we continue to care deeply about the lives we are changing, we will be an abundant, ever-growing empire that will leave a legacy on this planet. Business is all about humans, truly understanding the pain points of humanity, and offering life-transforming solutions so people can be aligned with the highest versions of themselves.”

This statement outlines the whole customer service strategy to prosper and grow your business in limited time to perfection.

Every other entrepreneur must ensure excellent customer service. The greater the user service, the more personalized and constructive feedback you'll earn, and that will help you improve and grow in a limited time span.

We are in difficult economic times, Entrepreneurs. and Samantha’s advice is probably some of the best advice an entrepreneur can take heed of right now.

Natalie MacNeil

Natalie MacNeil is an Award-winning media entrepreneur; bestselling author and the creator of She Takes on the World.

She shares her struggle to reach the top;

“Most of the notable successes I’ve experienced have roots in rejection. I’ve heard nope so many times, from agents to publishers, investors to sponsors. Collaborating with an amazing agent, being signed to my dream publisher, and having so many doors opened for me now is a direct result of the resilience I built and cultivated from countless rejections.

Keep asking, keep pitching, keep unapologetically being you, knowing the yesses are on their way and will feel so good. Just keep going.”

As we look closer at Natalie MacNeil's expressions, we understand how she embraces all of her struggles and never stops knocking for what she needs in her life despite the rejections.

In this culture of framing failure as something negative, we now need to see it from a different perspective because failure is the only way that heightens you to conquer your war!

Sophia Christina Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is the Founder and CEO of Girlboss, a professional social network for ambitious women. She has built an unforgotten journey in creating new brands and is an innovative thinker and entrepreneur.

She shares with us;

“You want to know what four words I probably hate the most? That’s not my job.”

Amoruso has summed up the whole foundation of a business in a few words.

In today’s world, an entrepreneur and her organization need to be proactive, responsible and accountable. No, it’s not ideal when you are a small business and you need to take out the trash and prepare the tax return, but it is the reality of a small business. The idea is to grow enough that the entire teamwork to their strengths but until that time comes, we must all roll up our sleeves and if a member of your team says “that’s not my job” then I think you need to ask if they are the right fit for your team.