Starting your business this summer

Forget about having a summer body. Get that summer business.

With the stress of school runs, extra-curricular activities and packing lunches out of the way, summer might just be the best time for you to focus on starting a business.

While many families across the UAE use the lengthy school holidays to travel, many choose to simply spend their days lounging next to the pool. Wherever you find yourself, the warmer weather and brighter days can truly inspire blue sky thinking.

Summer has long been known to be conducive to creative thinking with many attributing their 'out of the box’ ideas to relaxation and travelling. As you explore new destinations - locally and abroad - use this time to identify a need that you can address and perhaps even start on an outline for your business plan.

Vital Corporate Solutions, a company formation consultancy based in Dubai, sees a surge of mums applying for business licenses during and directly after the summer months. Of the 249,000 licences issued up to September 2018 in Dubai, 1,221 new licences and 1,475 initial license approvals occurred in August alone.

One possible reason 'mumpreneurs' choose to start a business this time of the year could be the proximity to their kids.

"Our kids not only serve as little muses for innovative products or services but spending time with them makes you realise that you want to secure a good future for them and commit to more home-time with the family. One way to do this is to become your own boss," says Amanda Perry, CEO of Vital Corporate Services and mum of a six-year-old.

Another reason why summer is a great time to start a business is that, unlike other countries in the Northern hemisphere, this tends to be our slow season. If you’re hoping to validate your new product or service, summer is the perfect time for a soft-launch. This will give you a couple of weeks to perfect your promotional activities, streamline your product delivery and incorporate feedback before the market turns a corner.

According to an article in Arabian Business, the number of new business licenses issued in Dubai in the first four months of 2019 increased by 35 percent compared to the same period in 2018. As the second quarter of 2019 approached, companies anticipated higher profits and selling prices, largely due to seasonal demand.

This is great news if your business model and product rely on the warmer weather, summer is great for reaching a market that is hungry for new products and eager to try new services to keep them and their little ones happy.

Regardless of when you start your business, one crucial element is to have a great team on your side. Carmen Mateos, MD at Vitality Business Acceleration, sees this every day during her one-on-one workshops with entrepreneurs.

"Vitality is the first and the only female-focused business accelerator in the UAE, so we work with a lot of mums. One thing that separates good ideas from profitable, scalable businesses is having a team of like-minded women on your side that will validate your ideas, support your vision and help execute your dream. And that’s what we’re here for."

If you’re thinking of starting a business this summer, schedule a meeting with the Vitality team who will help you plan the journey forward. Alternatively, join their Launch Your Business Bootcamp (30-31 August). This 2-day intensive workshop presented by international and local business leaders is designed for everyone with a great idea, but who lacks a strategy to move forward.

Who knows, summer 2020 could see you sipping on an exotic drink on the beach of your private island?

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