Today, we all are in a groundbreaking phase of our lives. The novel coronavirus pandemic is affecting both our lives and businesses. Because of lockdown, we are observing a major uptick in the concerns of entrepreneurs as the consequences of COVID-19 are uncertain and seem to be farther spread and longer-lasting than initially expected.

During this time of turmoil, a business’s key priority is to reach its clients, engage them in the right way, and to deliver as much value as possible.  Below are some strategies that we can all easily adopt.


Communication is the sole route during the lockdown to connect with your customers. Our suggestion is to be proactive in your communication, rather than reactive. 

During the shutdown, you can proactively communicate with the smart use of technology by updating customers about your current business policy through newsletters, e-mails or by catching them up on other digital platforms to notify them about your online resources or the opening and closing timings of your office or store if you may open during these times. What is just as important is to ask your clients and customers about their well being and their needs so you can respond accordingly.


We all have the ability and responsibility to help those around us in one form or another. Even during these times, we cannot forget our Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities as they’re a better means to give back to your community while engaging with your clients for social welfare. And there are many ways in which you can engage in CSR activities such as buying locally from small businesses where possible, paying it forward with your goods or services to those who need it, connecting businesses with clients you know. In these times, these actions make big differences.


In an era where technology is booming, we must make the most out of it by streaming our services where possible. But consider what will be most beneficial for your clients and your business. Many businesses right now are online for the sake of being online and this can damage your credibility if you are pushing out online content that is irrelevant or boring.

You can stream your services via different digital platforms. With the smart use of gadgets and channels, you can create small video clips or demos that inform and educate your clients while they have limited access to you and other resources.  Live webinars are a great way to create topical and engaging content that allows for participation from your audience through Q&A - check out to create your own webinars.


As we’re all based at home and with extra time on our hands, it is a good opportunity to seek feedback and suggestions from your clients. Survey Monkey is a simple and easy-to-use tool whereby you can create your own surveys and analyze the results as they come in. In such surveys, you can inquire about their recent experience with your company or product evaluation, or you can seek for new suggestions on how you can add quality to customer services. With this extra time at home, you can use that information to develop your value proposition.


As most of us are spending more time online, using more online services, and dare we say it, online shopping - what better time to gift your loyal clients with an E-Gift card. Tying back to our suggestion above, find an E-Gift card from a small local business that you can support that is meaningful to the client you are giving it to you.


Organizing an online event is the most efficient way to connect with clients while entertaining and engaging them. This could be a focused online networking event or an online panel discussion addressing your client’s own challenges in their businesses or their personal lives. Also, if you’re looking to launch a product or celebrate an achievement, just switch it to one of the live streaming social media platforms - your business continues and your products and services are relevant to many so you need to educate your clients about their availability.