The Vitality Tribe was formed out of the passion to

gather women who can encourage and empower one another. 

We believe that there is more that can be achieved

when we extend our territories and the help we can provide. 


The Aim

The Tribe aims to create a peer to peer support group to enable a safe environment from which all members can benefit from the collective. Advice, guidance and support are at the core of Vitality’s service and the Tribe community extends that ethos. With the right guidance, support and self belief, we will achieve the success we desire. The aim of our Tribe is to create and nurture that space for it to happen.

Many of our clients have small teams as they are small businesses looking to grow or the size of their team does not require large executive boards - where do we find our advice, guidance and support? From our peers.


The Members

Our Tribe Members champion one another. Each tribe member holds unique qualities and experience and sharing this amongst others creates a collective of knowledge and support as well as enabling each member to be a true ambassador of their peers.

Our tribe continuously grows and evolves with entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, consultants, mentors, - all industries, all backgrounds, all levels of experience. Peer to peer support is essential to success and having a community, a tribe of people championing your success and holding belief in your success and in turn receiving the same creates a wonderful environment for success for everyone.

The Community

The Tribe Community is a Peer to Peer support group of professional women with a common interest to elevate and empower fellow tribe members. We are all unique and all have something unique to share that can benefit another meaning that the relationships are authentic, balanced, holistic and built on trust.

You have cucumbers, I have tomatoes, lets make a salad!

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